In January 1993 I had just graduated from undergraduate school with a Mechanical Engineering degree. It took me 5 1/2 years to get my degree because I worked for two years in Engineering related positions for multi-national companies at the same time.

I decided to get a Master's in Business at the same school I attended for under grad. I had come to realize greater Business understanding including Accounting and Finance was going to be critical for my survival in a capitalist society where only profitable things were done while others that were equally or more important for healthy society were often left on the cutting room floor.

Unsure of what I was going to do to earn a living and confident I wasn't cut out to be employed as an Engineer for 40 years, I saw a Master's in Business as something that would benefit me personally in Big Business, Small Business and my own personal life for the rest of my life, so I decided to get that part over with quickly in a geographic area I really enjoyed.

It was January 1993. I was sitting in Accounting 101 for graduate students. I was very confused. The methods being used to teach a simple process of addition and subtraction were horrid. If engineering was taught that way we would have never progressed past fire or the wheel.

None of the vocabulary functionally aligned with the processes they were involved with ?

All the Focus was put on the ritual and dogma of manual Accounting when we had had personal computers doing accounting and bookkeeping tasks on a small scale at that point for five to ten years ?

Something was wrong with the curriculum.

I had just come out of one of the top 25 engineering schools in the country. I knew what good and bad technical curriculum looked like, and this was below any bell curve I could have imagined.

It was all wrong.

The books were pretty and expensive. The instructor was well spoken, but the entire curriculum and teaching systems were all wrong.

Being unfamiliar with educational and financial conspiracy back then, I was lost as to why they had such an inverted way of confusing people.

In order to keep my head straight, as an engineer, I had to take everything they taught and create a different, simpler mental framework.

As an engineer we learn how to build mental frameworks a lot. They are like mental pictures that we use to manage massive volumes of information. Three mental images are worth 3000 words. I could never remember 3000 words but I sure can draw in my mind's eye. And so can you with practice.

I'm going to first introduce a simple FIVE Step Bookkeeping process in words.

During that process I will show you the confusion without a care for their dogma.

It's important you see it intertwined with the simple process overlay to realize what others were missing. This is critical to build confidence that the process you will learn is in fact on target.

I'm going to show you how much easier it is to build a 5 Step Process map first. A simple process, especially when we leave out the idea of debits and credits, as should have always been the case when teaching accounting. They do serve a purpose for a data integrity crosscheck but that comes way later and that can be done now without your need to use them when entering data.

Then I'm going to show you the process in transparent software that represents the most straight forward process for bookkeeping available today.

The goal with this website is to TEACH YOU HOW TO DO BOOKKEEPING. The act of it. Not the dogma.

The process of bookkeeping is simple. The goal is not to quiz you on vocabulary.

Learn the process so you can grow closer to one with money. Become empowered.

Learn the proper vocabulary with time. It becomes useful for conversations after you understand the processes.

And all the while, start thinking about who might have created such a confusing system for education. The dogmatic education did not happen by itself nor by accident It takes a ton of work to confuse addition, subtraction and people as was done in prior times.

Become Empowered and grow in Control with Bookkeeping skills . With this website and its companion software, you can be a Brown Belt in a matter of hours . Master in hours or days what others have failed to master with months and even years of trial and error. That is time well spent.

Happy Bookkeeping.